Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dueling Snooze Alarms

You know what's worse than a spouse with a five-minute snooze alarm?
Having a spouse AND a son with five-minute snooze alarms.

Know what's worse than a spouse and a son with five-minute snooze alarms?
Having each of their alarms go off alternately every two and a half minutes.



The Gray Monk said...

Keep a 4lb lump hammer handy - one of the alarms should meet it forcefully ...

Dani said...

Snooze alarms are the devil!

Lemon Stand said...

I wrote an obituary post for my husband's last alarm clock because it's life ended in a sudden homicide. When my husband came home from the Gulf, he resurrected the darn thing. He has such an emotional attachment to it, he asked me to wait until he got home to have the wake and the funeral. (I should have had it cremated...)