Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Actually, I sell it on the black market.

It's as if they think we take their stuff and hide it.

"Where's my jacket?"
"I don't know.  Where did you leave it?"
"Could you go look for it?"
"Why?  I don't know where it is any better than you do."

Get out of my house.


Jilly said...

When I moved away to college, my Mom and Sis accused me of stealing a toothbrush. I said "yea, I sold it for drug money"....

Roses said...

Excellent, Jilly!

Dani said...

Mine does the same thing 'coarse she's two so it's a little more acceptable. I still tell her to go find it herself (okay sometimes I help but only after she tries)

Thumper said...

I got so tired of being asked where the guys' stuff was that I started quoting Rosanne every time they asked where something of theirs was.

"It's a uterus, not a tracking device."

Man, they hated that...

Andy said...

Heh! Thumper made me laugh out loud. I'm gonna pass that one to The Mrs. when she gets home. Seriously I am!

Yeah, for a couple of decades with our three older sons it was like, "Where is my left shoe?," or "Where is my watch?."

Then it got to be like, "Where are my car keys?" Then it got to be like, "Where did I leave my paycheck from Wendy's (or wherever one of the boys was working)? I need to go make a deposit."

Then...silence. They were gone, and on their own. Dang, that happened quick!!!

But, the standard answer was always, "It's right where you left it!"

We do still have a 14 year old son at home. But, he is mildly retarded, and will likely be with us until we croak. Amazingly, he can keep up with his stuff much better than the "normal" boys we raised.

He's never really quizzed us about where his things might be. He knows with certainty. Everything is laid out in rows, columns, drawers, closets, etc. He will spend countless minutes making sure that the socks, and underwear are in exactly the right place...not even a silly millimeter too far to the right (or left...front, or back) in the dresser drawer.

I love him.

Priscilla said...

Thumper, I say that all the time! I remember her stand up, Domestic Goddess, Hilarius.

Harvey said...

Oddly, when Beloved Wife asks me where [missing item] is, I can usually find it pretty quick.

Soulmates we are :-)