Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50th Birthday

If you take two years' worth of show tapes you and your husband kept from the time you had a morning radio show together, and you pay a guy to transfer all the cassette recordings onto CD, your husband will be moved to near tears in front of his friends when he opens the box on his 50th birthday.
Just sayin'...

It'll be almost like your first married Christmas when you gave him the repaired and requilted baby blanket he had owned as a child.

Trust me.
You will totally rock as a wife.


Dani said...

lol/sniffle. That's so sweet! You totaly DO rock.

Teresa said...

Aw. Happy Birthday to him.

Lemon Stand said...

LOL. My husband would totally rock if the air conditioner in our bedroom window is finally taken out and put away. Then I could totally rock as a wife by not making him pick it up off the ground outside our second story window... again.

Although, maybe he needs to 'ripen' for a few more years. He'll be 47 on his next one.

The Gray Monk said...

What a great birthday present - well done to you both.

Thumper said...

Well dammit...why didn't you tell me this YEARS ago, so we had time to get a radio show to do together? ;)

Awesome, awesome gift :)

Andy said...

That's cool, Roses. I remember turning 50.

My wife gave me a new fancy pot scrubber that holds liquid detergent in the handle, and told me to go clean up the kitchen.

I cried like a baby right then and front of God and everybody.