Monday, August 09, 2010

Blue Moon ice cream *spoiler alert*

*** Warning: Spoiler Alert ***
This post reveals the flavor of Blue Moon ice cream

Blue Moon ice cream has always been my favorite kind of ice cream.
Blue Moon ice cream tastes better on a cone than it does out of a bowl.
Now that I've eaten it out of a bowl, I've identified what flavor it is.

I thought that would be exciting.
But, it's not.
Because Blue Moon is not as fascinating a flavor anymore. :-(

Last chance to turn away...

It's lemon cake.


Dani said...

Mmmmmmm sounds tasty!

Dani said...
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Thumper said...

Well, god...if I ever stumble across blue moon ice cream, I'll know to avid it. Not a fan of lemon cake, nope...

Cellar Door said...

Mmmm... yum! Lemon cake!

Harvey said...

Been years since I've had it. The general Google consensus is that it's a mix of more than one fruit flavor.

"Like Froot Loops" is the most popular descriptor.

I'll have to start hitting ice cream parlors to see if I can find it somewhere...

Roses said...

Harvey, I've heard the Fruit Loops/Fruity Pebbles theory as well. But, those cereals aren't a "combination of flavors". Eat a yellow Fruit Loop, it tastes the same as a red one.

So, the question then is:
What flavor is Fruit Loops?
I'll bet the answer is lemon cake.