Friday, July 16, 2010

This week's gripes:

There is only one reason why I patronize your hair salon, and it's because you are six blocks from my house.
And I prefer to support my local economy.

It's not because you are the only salon in town.  It's not because you are the most convenient salon in my life either, being as how there's one across the street from where I work.  I pass right by it as I walk to my car.

It's also not because you are cheap.  Because you're not.

I walk into your salon because you are right there today.

So, if I stand in clear sight of two stylists and the chick on reception duty is in the back room where I can see her via mirrors which means she can certainly see me, then someone darned well better say something to me in a timely manner and not leave me standing there like the ugly girl at the middle school dance.
But, no one said boo to me.
Until I turned to leave.

Guess what, sister?
You're too late.
I won't be back.


How come my lingerie bag is always in the way when I'm doing the laundry, but when I need it I can't find it anywhere?
I half suspect The Husband used it to pack his camping gear again, but there's a very good chance he simply moved it (because it was in his way) when he did the laundry.


I hate little kids (that's right, hate. little. kids.) who think kicking someone in the head is the proper response to being tagged during a game of TAG.

Also not too fond of the dad who sends the victim home to an empty house just to get him out of the yard.
Side note, there, Sport:  "Out of site" does not equal "out of responsibility".
A formal apology from your little brat is still acceptable, though.
We're waiting.


Teresa said...

Sounds like it's been a hell of a week. You, me, and Rich need to head out for a spa weekend. Won't make things better but it would be relaxing. Of course a drink or two would help too. ;-)

Cellar Door said...

It's been hot, too. Don't forget that!

Roses said...

Cellar Door: You mean farooking hot!

Zelmarific said...

If I had had a sidewalk, I could have boiled an egg on it. But alas...

-Cellar Door