Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Some good news!

The woman who works with The Husband in the newsroom is a pretty good buddy of mine. We swap funny animal pics through e-mail all the time.

One evening, I opened an e-mail from her to find some bizarre news story about a fund-raising event involving stuffing ferrets down contestants’ pants (no photos to accompany it, thankyouverymuch). I truly did not know how to respond to that one.

The next day, she came into the studio before her news cast and asked me if I’d like to hear some good news.
Of course I would.

“Well,” she began, “there’s a Brewers game today (meaning we’d both get to leave work a little early), I have a cookie (I had one, too, which truly made it good news), and there are no ferrets in my pants!”


Thumper said...

Ferretless pants is usually a good thing...usually.... ;)

leeann said...

The ferret down the pants thing has a long and glorious tradition in the old country as a method of resovling disputes and punishing those guilty of misdemeanors. I'd provide more detail but I haven't made it up... er, researched it enough... yet.

Christie Critters said...

Ferrety Funny.
By the way, so sorry about your Mom. Your description of the service was touching.