Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun with clients

I was expecting a client to come in to record yesterday.
But, two people showed up instead.

"We were thinking," explained one, "that we'd both record the commercial and you could run both versions, and we'll have a little variety."
"Oh," I replied.  Not only were there twice as many clients, now I'm hearing there are twice as many commercials.  "You both want to record the same commercials?  So there's two of each?"
"Yes.  Can we do that?"
"Sure.  But, I have four commercials.  Could you just split them, and each of you do two?"
"Four commercials?!?"  They exchanged looks and held out a piece of paper.  "We only have one!"

After some discussion and head scratching, we figured out that their account executive had sent them one script to accept, and once they'd okay'd it, our copywriter had adjusted the script to accommodate both the AM and FM stations and include an updated version to run the day before their event.   
It took about a half hour, and the scripts were passed around a few times before we worked out who'd be recording which ones.  But in the end we had four very nicely delivered radio commercials ready to roll.

One client chuckled as he shrugged into his coat, "You thought we were going to record eight commercials!"
"Ha!" I retorted.  "You thought you were going to record one!"

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Andy said...

Oooooooooohhhhhh! Roses, my very first job (outside of the family biz) was writing commercials for KEEL 710 AM in Shreveport, LA back in 1975.

After reading this, I am so WAY glad that I found a different line of work.

I know exactly what you mean.

Tough three days, huh?