Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Wanna

Gotta be honest, I really don't want to go on a Camping Widows' Weekend this summer.

Four Scout dads are accompanying the boys to camp, the moms are already planning a girls' night out, and they want me to come since The Husband will be out of town, too.

I don't want to.
I really don't.

I don't know any of these ladies well.  As I may have mentioned, I hate the Scouts.  I have issues with the local organization, so I avoid every piece of Scouting that I can.  That's the Husband's territory, and more power to him.  But, not me.  No way, no how.
Because of this, I don't know the other moms aside from which kid they belong with... maybe.

And they don't want to just go out to dinner and have drinks.  No.
They want to make a whole weekend out of it.
Really? Cause, crap, I relish having the house to myself, and if I'm gone all weekend, I'm away from THE HOUSE!

So, I tell one mom, "I'm not really comfortable sharing a hotel room with a bunch of women I barely know."
"Well," she compromises, "you can just come to where we are for a few hours, right?  We're thinking of going to Mall of America."

Three freakin' hours away?!!!?
And then three freakin' hours back?
Are you kidding me?  Six hours driving to spend a couple hours... doing what?  Shopping?  Riding rides?  Sitting in a piano bar? 
We can do all that within 30 minutes of here.  Hello.

"And," she continues, "we've got the whole week, so it doesn't necessarily have to be on the weekend."

As if this is going to help.

I see my way out, though.  "The guys might be gone, but I still have to work."
"Oh, me too, but I'm taking time off to go."

Am I crazy?  Or is this just nuts?

I lost hours of sleep rolling this weird sh!t around my head last night.

After giving it some thought, perhaps I am most upset because I might have actually liked to join in, but their grand ideas put it out of  reach to me.


Lemon Stand said...

Being uncomfortable is NOT how I'd spend some quiet time! Maybe offer to have one meal with them (in town) so that you can join 'a little bit' and then still go home to peace and quiet? (and I left something for you at The Lemon Stand) Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Been there - Done that. Not exactly but close enough to say, "protect yourself and give yourself an out". Definately do something with the group if you can just so you get to know them a bit, but make sure there is a time limit where you HAVE to go do something else and can say, "This has been fun, maybe we can get together another time". ( I generallly use a dance class or a church obligation) This advice comes from a borderline recluse who does not have fun "getting to know people" it is VERY stressful.

Dani said...

Yeah I'm gonna second what Lemon Stand said. If you're not comfortable it won't be any fun for you and could be a downer for them too. Do what you feel comfortable doing and enjoy having the house to your self.

Andy said...

Roses, you could just tell the ladies you really don't want to spend your free time in their company. (I mean, HONESTY being the best policy and all)

I'm sure that would go over REAL well...

Seriously, don't stress over it. Just do what you want. Besides, summer is a long way off. Anything could happen between now and then. If it was me, I'd fake a broken leg, or stage a car wreck or something. ;)

Roses said...

Andy: Y'know, honesty would probably guarantee they'd not ask me along in the future. Hm...

Andy said...

Yeah Roses, I know that might work. But, I'm a pansy when it comes to declining gracious invitations.

I'd go with the broken leg. Or maybe chronic diarrhea, or something.

Thumper said...

You don't need a justification, you just need to say "I'm sorry, but I already had other plans." So what if those other plans are running around the house naked singing Barry Manilow tunes? (Don't deny it...we know that's what you were going to do...)

Andy said...

Thumper: Nyuk!

Roses said...

Thumper: I'm so sorry, I can't do the Barry Manilow thing because... uh... I have a broken leg. Yeah.

Andy said...

That's the ticket!

Richmond said...

I vote don't go - lets go to a movie or something instead! Seriously!

Roses said...

Excellent, Richmond! When does another Harry Potter come out?

Miss Em said...

Thumper was right on.

"I'm sorry but I've made other plans."

And if they tell you that you could break the plans. The answer is..
"No, I've already made a deposit and it's not refundable."

If they ask any other questions..
"I sorry, I will not discuss it because it's personal and private."


Now, take that "deposit"..

1}find a nice bottle of wine AND make certain you have a really nice glass to sip it from

2}some of your favorite relaxing music that lets every muscle in your body know its time to S.L.O.W. down

3}a few candles to just 'barely' light the area

4}your favorite scent for the 'bath' that makes you feel delicate with angelic beauty

5}NOW its time to fill that tub with lots of HOT water and maybe a few 'Rose Petals'

6}Take a deep breath, slide slowly into the tub and start to enjoy the PEACE of your house,


you KNOW it won't be long and the Males will be stomping through the door-way YELLING this.. "Hey Mom, what's for dinner?"

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

PS...Hope you enjoy no matter what you do or how you do it. ;)

Cellar Door said...

There's always faking an illness. And then there's just saying you'll go and then... not going!

I never get the mall of America thing. I went and... it's a big mall, right? What am I missing?

Being alone in the house sounds delicious.

Roses said...

Cellar Door: I went to the Mall of America once. Big mall, yeah, I get it. But, we went really late at night, and I remember a really cool piano bar that I never wanted to leave, ever. Was it so good I want to drive all that way to see again and spend the night with virtual strangers? Not really.

Cellar Door said...

I got locked into the Mall of America, actually. Escaped through the emergency exit. I was with my dad. It was so bizarre.

I had no idea there was a piano bar. I was there for a late night movie- The Borne Identity.

Clearly, we were doing the wrong thing at the Mall of America.