Friday, January 22, 2010

Do You Follow?

Last week's Friday question was very popular.
So, I'll ask some more blog-related questions today.
First, a little background:

I stopped using BlogRoll when they got hit by a hacker and were out of service for months.  Shortly after, Blogger came out with Following.  Follow a blog, and right there on your Dashboard, you get updates whenever a new post appears on that blog.  You also get a preview with the first few sentences.  It's similar to GoogleReader except you have to click on the actual blog to read the rest of the post.
I love it.

Which leads to the questions:

Do you Follow?
If not, why not?
If so, do you Follow publicly?
If not, why not?

The only time I Followed someone without them knowing it was when I found out my boss has a blog.  I Followed him privately because I didn't want him to track me back here.

I'm really quite surprised to have 31 Followers at the time of this post. 
But, believe it or not, my own BlogMother doesn't Follow me.  ::sniff:: 
(Is she looking guilty, yet?)


jon spencer said...

I am not a official follower, however you are on my rss notifier and I click whenever you post.

leeann said...

I follow anonymously many many blogs because I am a window-peeper at heart.

St Jude said...

I follow pulicly as I think people like to know that you are following them and why not, I think for many of us blogging is about communicating with other 'like' minded people. It's always nice to feel wanted or appreciated. I'm there on your followers list hun and proud to be there.

Thumper said...

I follow AND I use Google Reader, because I'm just THAT...odd. I figure I like followers, so it follows that I should follow, though it hurts my feelings that my cats have more followers that I do...

Dani said...

I follow and publicly. I love my followers I think of them as friends. I feel all wharm and fuzzy when I get a new one so I figure I'd share that feeling with the people who's blogs I read as well.

Andy said...

I don't follow. I have about 4 blogs that I technically follow. They were the first ones that I got hooked on before I found out about Google Reader. Interestingly, only two of them are Blogger blogs.

One reason that I would never follow publicly is that it might be embarrassing to the blogger if someone clicked on the follower button and found my blog.

That's the truth. Lots of blogs like yours that are apolitical wouldn't appreciate it one bit! ;) That's one thing I like about your place. I have no idea whether you are a radical right winger, or a Marxist. And, I like it that way.

Priscilla said...

I follow publicly and use the follow feature but then I don't use it. I visit my blogroll. So, I don't know. There are just so many things to do.

Roses said...

For what it's worth, anytime I get a new Follower, I visit his/her profile and read his/her blog. If it's the least bit funny, I'll Follow.

But, yeah Andy, any bit of politics, I blow a friendly kiss and move on.

Richmond said...

You *know* that even as your blog mother I am technotarded!!

Actually - that might make sense since you are my BlogChild... Hmmmm.

We will didcuss this at lunch. ;) I have wanted to do away with blogrolling for a while - maybe you can tell me how! :)

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Hey Roses! I've been out of commission for a while due to volunteerism. Not all of the volunteer projects were offered up by me alone but many promised by the hubby, so now I'm catching up.

I follow the blogs I like reading, because they all give me insight or make me feel better about life. I follow yours because you are quick witted and have a quirky take on everyday life = )

I do not follow people who have alot of money and that's all they brag about. BORING!