Monday, December 07, 2009

Random Saturday Morning

I am writing about Younger Son's summer of juggling (which I will share with you when it is finished) when I hear footsteps behind me.  It is Younger Son.
He asks, "Why are you typing so loud?" and then goes back to bed.

The Husband rustles around in the kitchen and suddenly emits a sound only dogs can hear.
"What the matter, dear?"
"I'm almost out of coffee!"  And after some whimpering, "I think I can get a half a cup out of this..."

The Husband and I are reading the newspaper at the kitchen table when Elder Son wanders by, looks at the clock on the stove and moans.
"What's wrong, son?"
"I thought I slept in longer than that!"


Nikia, May and da kids said...

Like sleeping less in the morning is a bad thing? He must be kin to my boys = )


Lemon Stand said...

My girls NEVER make that mistake!

Klaatu said...

Your son spent his summer juggling? Boy, his arms must be tired !
Ba-da bum.taa-daa.