Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Lunch with Richmond

(We lunched earlier this month, but I'm posting this late so as not to have spoiled any Christmas surprises.)

Richmond:  (with a note of buyer's remorse)  We got the girls electric guitars.
Me:  We ordered fire sticks for Younger Son.
Richmond:  Fire sticks?  For juggling?  With fire?
Me:  Yeah.
Richmond:  ::blink::  Yeah.  I feel better about the electric guitars now.


Me:  Younger Son has had a rough year.  Broke his nose at school, fell on a tent spike at scouts... This  weekend, he fell on the sledding hill and his snow board flew up and caught his ear.
Richmond:  Did it bleed?
Me:  Yeah.  He walked home all by himself.  Bled on the carpet.  He'll have a good scar.
Richmond:  (shakes head)  Dontcha just wanna wrap him up in bubble wrap?
Me:  (nods for a moment, then shakes head)  Oh, hell no.  We bought him fire sticks!


leeann said...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You know that big blue guy in "Watchmen"? Yeah, that's gonna be Younger Son. :)

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Roses, I am glad you have a "normal" son. Good gravy, if you see the way they pamper these little snotty boys out here in my sleepy suburb, you would be surprised they aren't wearing tiaras. I'm glad you have a sense of humor about the fire sticks. went through the same kinks with my boys and a few surgeries = )


Dani said...

I remember sitting around with Daves Mom and one of his sisters laughing so hard tears were rolling down our faces... the topic trips to the emergency room with Dave and his brothers.

Andy said...

I would have like to wrap a couple of my sons in bubble wrap.

I hear it's good for long distance shipping...

Bob said...

"We bought him fire sticks" -- words that Joyce and I have never spoken and likely never will.

vw bug said...

I'm with Andy! But no one in my family will volunteer to take them. ;-)

Richmond said...

So was he thrilled?? :) House still standing??

Lemon Stand said...

Uhmmm, don't think I ever posted about the black powder that my husband and the girls were experimenting with in the back yard.

Good thing he's been working with explosives for over twenty years in the military but I surely wish he hadn't suggested they make a miniature canon and catapult as a sort of father/daughters bonding projects...

Someday I will get around to posting his lesson to them about muskets. Their is some things that really is best left to mystery.

I WISH he had thought of the fire sticks instead. In my mind, they are a whole lot safer. (according to my husband though, they are not as much 'fun')