Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night, The Husband and Elder Son made pumpkin pies while Younger Son and I made harvest-colored Jellos.  Then, The Husband and I wrestled a 17 pound turkey into a roasting pan.  (The turkey is too big.  The roasting pan lid rests about an inch above the rim.)  Hat tip to my friend Richmond who taught me the wisdom of having a second refrigerator in the house.

This morning at 6 o'clock, The Husband put the turkey in the oven, cut up veggies, and arranged a meat and cheese platter.  By 9:30, everyone was lounging in the livingroom watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
"I don't feel like I'm working hard enough on dinner," he sighed.

That's right, ladies.  He is making dinner.
And so far, all I've had to do is make Jello (which I had help with).
Plus, the Packers kick off in half an hour!

I'm giving many thanks today.


jon spencer said...

But are they jello shots?

Thumper said...

My mom used to refuse help with Thanksgiving dinner...and now I know it's because she didn't want any of us to know how much work it wasn't...

Still, when you can get a guy off the couch and cooking, it's a good thing :)

So explain to me why I turned down my son's offer to cook this year...?

vw bug said...

Happy thanksgiving!

Andy said...

Everyone knows the world's best chefs are male. Obviously, you have motivated the men in your life to get in touch with their inner talents.

I've got 3 sons that are grown now...and they can cook circles around their wives, and girlfriends.

You're a sharp gal are my son's wives and girlfriends.

Give us encouragement, turn us loose, and we rarely disappoint (in the kitchen, that is).

Klaatu said...

A couple of thanksgiving cooking tips for next time, from a former chef.

Cook turkey upside down so the juices flow into the breasts, and get a meat syringe to baste the inside of the meat instead of just the outside.

Cooking the potatoes for mashed potatoes- roast instead of boil.
If you are feeling ambitious, make a cheese sauce to mix in the poatoes.

Make stuffing using cornbread, and use carmelized onions as a topping.

Roast sweet potatoes with red peppers, and puree the peppers into the mashed sweet potato.Add maple syrup or frangelico liquer.

Happy Thansgiving.

The Gray Monk said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Lemon Stand said...


Richmond said...

:) Happy Thanksgiving!