Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Lever 2000 Story

This isn't really my story.  This happened to a salesman at a radio station where I used to work.
But, I've told this story a lot, anyway.

Back around 1990, when Lever 2000 soap was new, they mailed free samples to a great many Americans.  One of these samples ended up at the house of Dick and Marney.  Neither of them liked the smell much.  So, they put it in the basement bathroom which didn't get much use.

One day, after working on some project, Dick washed up in the basement bathroom and found tiny teeth marks in his brand new bar of Lever 2000 soap.
"Damned mouse," thought Dick.  He hunted for his mouse traps, baited one with peanut butter, and left in on the countertop.

The next day, he checked the trap.
Peanut butter untouched, trap unsprung, more teeth marks in the soap.
Dick washed the peanut butter off the trap, re-baited it with cheese, and left it on the countertop.

The next day, he checked.
Cheese untouched, trap unsprung, more teeth marks in the soap.
Dick cursed the litte critter again.

It was days later, but he'd finally caught that mouse.

I asked, "Did you try peanut butter in the trap, again?"
"Nope," he told me. "I used the soap."


Andy said...

HA! Dick finally got smart. Evidently old Dick and Marney are much more "thrifty" than I am.

If I had a bar of soap that smelled bad, it would end up in the trash can...especially if it was "free."

BTW, I seem to remember getting one of those free bars of Lever 2000 in the mail. I was grateful! I think we threw it away. I'm just saying...

Dani said...

Ya know I think I got one of those too & probably threw it away. If I'd only known how useful it could be. It's not as if my cat was going to do anything about the mice.