Thursday, August 20, 2009

Light up my life

One by one, the houseplants at work are dying.
There was a tree in the stairwell. It's gone.
There was a potted something in the lobby. Long gone.
The plant that looks like a mini Christmas tree but isn't, is turning brown.

It makes me wonder what all that fluorescent light is doing to the humans in the building.


Rave said...

Ever see Joe Vs the Volcano??

The Gray Monk said...

Flourescent lights have a high UV output, but I think its UVb which means it doesn't give the plants the stimulus they need to generate all the enzymes, sugars and chlorophyl they need to survive. The same thing happens to humans only we don't produce Vitamen D in our skins under these lights and the Pineal Gland is also not stimulated so we don't produce the Dopamines and other enzymes - hence the rise in Depressive ailments. The only way to overcome this is to have large glass areas (which also absorb UVa and b but at least allow some to reach the occupants) or to spend at least twenty minutes every day outdoors and in daylight.

Your potted plants are dying of depressive illness and probably turning their toes up in despair!

Dani said...

Yeah but we get to go outside sometimes.

There's a website (sorry I don't know the address) where you can type in any date and sinf out what hollidays fall on that day. My birthday is take your plants for a walk day.I misread it as take your PANTS for a walk day which is even funnier.