Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Overheard on the Sixth of July

Me: Boys, I don't mind you playing video games if you are ready to leave for summer school.
They: Okay.

Me: (five minutes later) Boys, are you wearing that shirt? Do you want water bottles? Get that stuff done before you play video games.
They: Okay.

Me: Boys, you have to leave in ten minutes.
They: 'kay.

(It is now time to leave.)
Boy: Mother, I need a water bottle.
Me: Really? After I told you to get one before you played video games?
Boy: I'd do it, but, I need to brush my teeth right now...
Me: Oh. You mean after I gave you a ten minute warning to get that stuff done?
Boy: But...
Me: Don't even argue with me! You didn't do what you knew you were supposed to do. What you should be doing right now is at least pretending that you have some guilt!
Boy: I'm sorry.
Me: Thank you.

I realize that's not exactly funny...
But, it sure does sound familiar.


The Gray Monk said...

It's called being a boy .....

Priscilla said...

That's usually about the time I say 'I feel a beating coming on. Who's first?'

Roses said...

Gray Monk: Judging what I've heard from other moms, this isn't a gender-exclusive thing.
But I appreciate your willingness to throw the males under the bus.

Priscilla: Amazing! That's exactly the non-verbal communication that went on in the blank spot just before the boy apologized!

Dani said...

It is so satisfying when they know you're right.