Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Yarn Fetish

I cannot stop buying yarn.
So, when the Salvation Army Ladies' Auxiliary held their annual craft/fabric/yarn sale, I knew enough to wait until the last day to go. I really needed them to sell most of it before I got there.

In addition to craft items, fabrics and yarn, they had a lovely selection of wicker baskets which I picked over as soon as I walked in the door. I chose one basket that would complement my livingroom furniture, then I took a deep breath and turned toward the yarn section.

Oh rapture!

Lost in a dream, I floated to their collection of yarns.
The colors!
The textures! ("I'm just going to stand here and fondle this one for a while, okay?")
The cheap cheap cheap prices!

I picked out too many, put some back, and picked out too much more.
Finally I decided that if it fell out of the basket, I had to leave it behind.
So there.
And I managed to walk away.

At the cashier's table, the Ladies fell over themselves to help me.
"Oh, such pretty yarn!"
"Thank you."
"You know we have a lot more."
"I know, but this is more than I really need already."
"You can leave this here while you pick out more."
"No, thank you. I had to walk away. You see, my basket is full."
"We have more baskets for sale."
"I know. I grabbed your biggest one."
"I can get you another one..."
"Stop it! I don't need your help!"

What I need is an intervention.


Andy said...

Roses: Great blog! I put it on my Reader a while back (can't remember how I came across it). I think you are funny, too.

Just a question from an ignorant new visitor...What does ACK! THBBBT mean? As I said...I'm sure that EVERYONE ELSE knows. Please indulge me...I love to learn.

Roses said...

Andy: Thanks for visiting!

You're not the only one wondering what Ack! Thbbbt! means. I'm not sure it means anything, really. I stole it from Bill the Cat from the Bloom County comic strip. Seems those are the only things Bill ever said.

Not sure what Bill meant by them, but I take "Ack!" as meaning, "That's awful!" and "Thbbbt!" to mean "How pointless."

Try to keep your life somewhere in between. :)

Andy said...

Hi Roses! Thanks for clearing that up. With all the short-hand phrases used on the net, it's hard for an old guy to keep up...thought it may have been one I missed.

Once again, very enjoyable blog.

Rave said...

I'll help with your yarn fetish if you help me with my blanket fetish.

Roses said...

Actually, Rave, if you feed my yarn fetish, I can feed your blanket fetish.

How demented is that?

Rave said...

Works for me- where would you like me to send the yarn? :-)
(I'm very competitive..haha)

Priscilla said...

When do we get to see your new treasures?

By the way, I've just MADE my own yarn! I have! I hope to have pic's up in a couple of weeks. Maybe.