Monday, June 29, 2009

Winning the Lottery

Apparently, we don't know how to play a simple game at the Ack! Thbbbt! House.

Enjoy a board game with us, and you are just as likely to win cookies as you are to be handed the world's saddest dollar bill. Chances are also good that your playing piece will be a Lego. (In fact, when our latest rummage sale purchase yielded extra playing pieces, the boys put them aside in favor of using Legos.)

This week, the boys and I played PayDay.
When you land on Saturday on the PayDay calendar, everyone is invited to play the lottery. Ante in one hundred dollars, and you could win a jackpot worth more than a thousand.

The first lottery in our game was won by Younger Son.
"You suck," declared Elder Son.
"You shook the dice. It's your own fault he won," I pointed out.

The second lottery went to Elder Son.
"You suck," declared Younger Son.
As I watched my hundred dollar bill get sorted into his stash, I agreed, "Yeah, you suck."

Lottery number three was mine.
"I won!" I shouted. "Guess what?"
"You suck!" they replied.

From then on, it was officially called "The You-Suck Lottery".

By the time the husband came home, the game sounded like this:
"I win!"
"You Suck!"

He could only shake his head.

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Richmond said...

I hope *I* get to suck someday soon!

Wait - that doesn't sound right...