Monday, June 22, 2009

What I learned on Summer Vacation (lesson one)

Elder Son woke up early and enjoyed breakfast with the husband and me.
Afterwards, the husband left for work and I turned on the WiiFit for my morning exersizes. About ten minutes into my Gold's Gym Cardio Workout*, Elder Son asked, "You wanna play Boom Blox with me?"
A few minutes later, "Just a short game?"
"I can't."
As I finished up and did a WiiFit weight in, "Now can you play Boom Blox?"
Impatient with his asking, I said, "No, I'm getting ready for work."
"But," and he was very confused, "You've been playing on the Wii!"
"Yes, son. I do this every morning."
Blink. Blink.
"After your dad leaves," I explained, "I workout, shower, and go to work. This is just the first time you've been home and awake to see me."
"When did you think I got my workout?"
"I dunno."

Lesson One: Your mother has a life.
Class dismissed.

*I love it! I begged the husband and boys to get it for me for Mother's Day. It's WiiFit compatable, but I'm not real fond of its balance board activities. If you have the Wii but not WiiFit, you can benefit from this just fine.


Thumper said...

Wow...I thought the Wii exercise things were like buy one, and then wait to see how much dust you can accumulate. I think my Fit is up to 2 inches...

Rave said...

I hate to tell you, but Wii is not fit...WE is fat. :) (speaking solely about myself!)

Richmond said...

Ha! Mom has a life - who knew??