Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Roses' Ah-Ha! Moment

I have figured out why I haven't had time/motivation to blog up to my usual standards.
And here it is...

(see Roses drool)
I have yarn!

I spent two hours (two hours!) untangling and unknotting yarn last night.
And loving it!
I truly AM a big old cat, aren't I?

Only, when I play with yarn, it looks something like *this*...
(It's going to be an afghan -or two- for Project Linus.)

I simply cannot keep my paws off of it.


Richmond said...

So you knit?

Bob said...

The song bird yarns to sing a love song,
And Roses yarns just for to knit.
The whole world's yarning for the sunshine,
She'll have a yarning fit.

Yarning's good for you, that's all you do, my dear.
Yarning while yer blue, ya wish that you weren't here.
Smiles have turned to tears, days have turned to years.
Yarning's good for you, that's all you do, my dear.

Roses said...

Rich: I crochet, actually.

Bob: That's beautiful! Did you write it? If I knew how, I'd make it into a cross-stitch.

Anonymous said...

Hello from New Zealand. Thankyou for reading my blog "Life can be seriously funny"...I hope it didnt mess up your day....kelvyn.

Roses said...

kelvyn: Where there is funny, there is always a good day. :)

Bob said...

Nah, I just altered some of the words to the old Bob Wills song "Yearning": The song bird yearns to sing...

Priscilla said...

See there in the basket with the rolled yarn? It's right under the purply colored ball. It's kind of a burnt orange and looks fuzzy. See it? That one. I want that one.

Very very nice, neat, perfectly rolled yarn. Does your cat molest them? Because I know I want to.

Roses said...

Priscilla! You understand!