Monday, March 09, 2009

Cat got your... love?

Elder Son is ready to leave for school. Jacket on, backpack on, shoes tied.
Before he walks out the door, he stops to pet the cat.

Now, we all know he can stop petting the cat, and he can walk away at any moment.
The cat leans into Elder Son's touch and starts to purr.

After a few moments...
"Stop it, kitty! I have to leave!"
"Why are you yelling at the cat?" I ask. "What's he doing wrong?"
"He's liking it!"

And, he cannot pull himself away.

Cats are such evil creatures that way.


Pizza Girl said...

Lol! That's soooo true. I lay in bed every night with one (both) cat laying on my tummy/legs/face and want to kick her off but she's purring and I don't want her to think that I'm not appreciating that she's happy and that she loves me. It's a good thing cats have short memories.

Dani said...

Yes it's also impossible to get up to answer to phone/door or go to the bathroom when there is a cat in your lap.

Richmond said...

Miss Molly has that effect around here too... ;)

TNT said...

And how come they know the exact time you are thinking you really need to get up and do something important? They may have ignored you for the last hour, be sitting across the room, but the thought just crosses your mind to get up, and, WHAM, they are across the room, in your lap, and purring like you're better than catnip!