Thursday, February 05, 2009

Settle this argument for me, would you please?


Do feet make shoes smell?
Do shoes make feet smell?


Freelance Writer said...

Depends on the shoes and the feet.

If its a bacterial smell and the bacteria originated on the feet, then the feet made the shoes smell.

If its sweat laden shoes, then its the feet that made the shoes smell.

If it is the disgusting smell of the chemicals and preservatives the shoes were made with, or some gunk the person stepped in which seeped into the shoe, then its the shoes which make the feet smell...

Priscilla said...


leeann said...

If the shoes don't have good ventilation, the feet sweat and bacteria accumulates and thus... smell.
If the shoes are those weird jellies, they make the feet smell like petrochemical ass.
If a chicken laid an egg in the shoes and it went bad and the feet squished the egg, it's time to wring the chicken's neck and throw out the shoes.
I bet I could do this all day.
But I won't. :)

Freelance Writer said...

If you don't have cats, dogs, or other four legged creatures running freely around your home, you can rule out upchuck and poo.

Bob said...

The smell is bacterium poop -- so it's both, since bacteria are on both the feet and the shoes.

bx19 said...

Since neither feet nor shoes have noses, how can they smell?

Roses said...

bx19: If your feet smell and your nose runs, you're built upside down.

Priscilla said...