Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dewey or don't we?

Recently, I was talking with a librarian who is in the process of developing a coffee shop in part of her library. I suggested a couple names for the shop.

"How about Circulation?" I said. "Or, how about Latte Fees?"

"You keep thinking," she laughed. "And maybe you'll come up with something more useful than funny."

At first I felt rejected and sad.
But then I realized, hey! She said I was funny!


vw bug said...

You are funny!

Roses said...

vw bug: Thank you! ::beams::

Rave said...

You are funny! :)

How about Lacuna Cafe ????
(Lacuna= words)
Cafe ruditio
(Ruditio = knowledge/learn)
Cafe Libro ???
Biblioteca Bean ???
The grateful bean ???

Just throwing them out there.

Roses said...

Rave: Those are awesome! ::takes notes::