Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Five

Five things I have WAY too much/many of... yet cannot stop buying more of:

1) Bookbags - Tote bags, grocery bags, book bags... I like them all. The colors! The sizes! Is it wrong that what I really want is a tote bag so I can carry around all these nifty bags?

2) Magnetic shopping list pads - I blame dollar stores for this one. "Do you need another shopping list?" "No, but it's only a dollar! And it's got duckies on it!"

3) Yarn - especially garage sale and second-hand-store yarn. Because it's super cheap. And if I buy enough of it, eventually enough of the colors will complement each other so I can make an afghan out of them. Just a few more, and I'm there...

4) Stationery sets - so pretty! With the envelopes that match the paper! Oo, and there are stickers, too! I sure wish I actually wrote letters.

5) Stephen King books - Well, technically, it's a collection, so I'm allowed to have as many as I can find (right?). But, after Gerald's Game came out, and I started having those freaky dreams about people coming into the house and me not being able to lock the doors... I haven't actually read half of the Kings I own.


leeann said...

I too have a Stephen King collection, down to the Bachmans. Wait, except the Gunslinger series, because it got too metaphoricky and I was looking for "scare me, disturb me, make me check under the bed" entertainment and not "can I pass this exam?" stuff.
"Tommyknockers" is the one that scared the hell out of me. Oh, and some of the short stories.
Okay, now I have the creepies again.

Thumper said...

One can never have too many Stephen King books. I would like to own one of each he's ever written, but so far I only have about 15 of them.

So many books, so little time...

Priscilla said...

1) I have that tote. It's flowered and holds all my shopping bags that I can't stop buying. I keep it in my car so I'll have it with me when I go shopping. Then I forget to bring it in the store.

2) ditto. AND all those freebie pads that you get from everyone. They are odd sized and I stack them in a drawer and use post it's. That I pay for.

3) Substitute fabric.

4) You can get these at the dollar store too!

5) Go ahead, read them, we'll leave the light on for you.

Roses said...

Leeann: If you can get through the first Gunslinger, the second one is MUCH better. That being said, as excited as I was to read each book when it came out, it's not a series I feel the need to read over and over.

Thumper: Amen, sista!

Priscilla: Girlfriend, we need to be neighbors.

Rave said...


1.- Substitute blankets/throws.

2. I keep buying the same one over and over again....

3. I heart yarn. I have fluufly yard and coarse yarn and odd colors.

4. Substitute 'all occasion' cards.

5. substitute OLD books. I love books...harcovers...the older the better.