Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You'd better watch out!

On Christmas Eve last year, Elder Son said to me, “My friend has a way to find out if a Santa is a fake Santa. First, if his beard is fake. Second, if he asks what your name is.”

I nodded. “Well, you know those pictures of me with Santa at the tree farm? I was working a remote broadcast for the radio station, and he came looking for me.”
I continued with a voice touched with awe. “He had a real beard, and he knew my name… even though I’d never met him before.”

The Elder Son leveled a look at me. “Could it be he knew your name… because you’re on the radio?”

(Dang, he’s sharp!)


Danyell said...

You should be proud!

Thumper said...

Don'tcha just wanna throttle them when they one-up you? Or iwas that just me...? ;)

Merry Christmas!

Bob said...


lukie said...

is your radio station on line.