Monday, December 22, 2008

More Phone and Games

The studio phone rings at 5:06pm.

Me: W--- studio.
He: Oh. I dialed the wrong number.
Me: Oh. Well, better luck next time!
He: Thanks.

The studio phone rings at 5:10pm.

Me: W--- studio.
He: I... don't know what's going on. This is the number I have. (And he recited the studio line phone number.)
Me: Yup, that's me! Maybe you need a different area code.
He: No, it's this one.
Me: How about that? Who are you trying to call?
He: The dairy.
Me: Well... I like milk. Does that help?
He: (chuckles) No, not really.
Me: Well, good luck anyway.
He: Thanks.


Blondage said...

I dated someone who dialed me as a wrong number like that. It was wacky. :)

Miss Em said...

Just found your web-site by traveling from 'Jake's Life'.

Read several of your writing and found myself lol and trying not to fall of my chair.
Been there and done many of that when my 3 sons were small young'en.

Thanks for bring back memories.

Miss Em
Austell Ga.

Richmond said...

Heh - and why call the dairy?? Do the cows actually answer?? ;)

Roses said...

Blondage: (awesome name!) Hopefully the guy didn't have many "hang-ups". ::snort::

Miss Em: Welcome! Your laughter makes me very happy. Glad you have you visit!

Richmond: Yes, they do. And if you make one laugh, milk *does* shoot out its nose.

Danyell said...

I love when they call a wrong number and then act like it's your fault.

"Well, I know I dialed it correctly!"
-"Um, ok, but...still me though..."

I think I found your blog by a 3 blog separation. Funny stuff!