Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"I enjoy being a girl"

I haven't had to buy a windshield wiper (or any auto supplies, for that matter) since I've been married. So, when I stopped at the local auto parts store for a new driver's side wiper (why? why is it always the driver's side that wears out first?), I was disappointed to learn that I can no longer buy just the rubber blade part. They only sell whole arms.

I questioned the auto parts guy. "But, I could always change just the blade by myself. The whole arm gives me trouble." (Which is only partly a lie because, though I've never changed a whole arm, I did watch the husband try it once, and it was awful.)

The auto parts guy replied, "I can put it on for you right here, if you like."

I blinked back fake girlie tears, "Really?"

We went outside, and after ten minutes in the blistering cold wrestling with the windshield wiper arm, the auto parts guy finally pulled out a screw driver and began snapping pieces off the "easy release" tab on the old wiper to remove it. And popped the new one on in a snap.

Now, you know that wiper would have given anyone a problem, man or woman.
But, had I been a man, no one would have offered to change it for me.

I thanked auto parts man profusely.
He looked very happy to have been able to help.


Bob said...

Aw, that's nothing. All I have to do is insist that I know how to do laundry. After cramming all the colored clothes I can into the washer, I just call out to Joyce, "How much bleach does it take?" and she comes a-running to handle it for me.

(That's just between you and me, K?)

leeann said...

Every time I've escaped doing something due to a nice man's "let me get that, little lady", I send a silent Thank You to the gods of cleavage.
Gotta use the tools I was given when possible. :)

Thumper said...

I must look too competent or butch or something. No one ever offers to do stuff like that for me. Except the Spouse Thing or the Boy. And that's only because they want it done right...

Richmond said...

Yay! Maybe he would be willing to change mine too!!! :)

Rave said...

I got out of a speeding ticket once by unbuttoning my blouse...

Boobs rule the world.

Chris said...

I realize, after 32 years of marriage, how incompetent I have become. I was brought home to me the other day when "stubble" (17 year old son) said to me, "Mom, Dad isn't here, let ME get that".
I'm doomed.