Monday, December 15, 2008


(Too cold to roll the "r" into a decent "brrrrrr".)

You haven't lived until you attempt to pump air into your car tire only to find the air nozzle too cold to expel air into your tire. And then, when you breathe heavy onto the nozzle to thaw it, the moisture on your breath freezes on contact to the nozzle.

I'm just happy I didn't accidently touch a facial part to the nozzle and freeze it there.

Still, this is better than last time when I managed to let all the air OUT of my tire before I noticed the "out of order" sign on the air hose and then had to limp to the other side of town to the next gas station.

Perhaps I should just get that slow leak fixed, eh?


Contagion said...

Hay, at least you noticed it before you drove on it.

And it could be worse, you could have to change the tire. I did that a couple of years ago. It sucked.

Thumper said...

Hold the nozzle in your arm pit. That'll thaw it ;) glad I live in CA...

Bob said...

Good idea, Thumper, ...or maybe Roses could just warm it with her tongue.

Roses said...

Contagion: Oh. That truly would suck.

Thumper: I considered it, but it would have taken too long to peel off enough layers of clothing to gain access to my pit.

Bob: Nearly did. Yikes!