Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Dear woman;

Please purchase a new mirror. The one you are using is lying to you.

You do not look sexy in that sheer turtleneck that is two sizes too small.
Really, honey, it *does* make you look fat.
And, the too-high high heels do not make you look sexy either.
They make you walk funny... like a toddler just learning to walk.

You work for local government, otherwise I wouldn't say anything.
Also, I don't know you at all, otherwise I would have said something.
Because apparently, your friends and co-workers won't.
And, your mirror lies to you.


Tammi said...

Hey! Where is she at? Maybe they want a replacement for her! You know...I CAN, if I need to, dress appropriately. I'm good with the public. I walk GREAT in high spikey heels!!!

Richmond said...

You'd tell me, right?? Is there anything in my teeth?

Rave said...

I call that, 'they looked in the mirror and said, Damn! I look good!' disease.

bx19 said...

Mirrors do not lie!
Maybe they bend the truth a little.......

**scurrying away like a little fluffy squirrel*

Roses said...

Tammi: Girlfriend, come on up!
Richmond: If there was ever anything to tell.
Rave: I hear that.
bx19: *bloop*

Anonymous said...

I'm with you sister! So tired of looking at people's fat rolls all the time.