Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nailed again!

Younger Son had to get some immunizations updated for school. The husband took him in last week as the deadline loomed. One of the shots he was due for was a tetanus shot. Remembering mine from earlier this year, I warned him that he might be sore from that shot more than the others.

Well, he was very brave and took it like a man.

Then, this weekend, we packed up both boys and sent them off to a two-night scouting activity.

Guess what tetanus boy did?
You know it.
He fell face first onto a rusty tent spike.
(Scraped his nose up pretty good. Thanked God he didn't knock out any teeth or an eye.)

I'm wondering if this family should get any more of those shots.


Richmond said...

He just wanted to test the vaccine, right? Do they have a badge for that??

Roses said...

Richmond: No, but three other scouts earned their First Aid merit badges patching him up!