Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Santa:

Dear Santa:

I know it's early, not even Halloween yet, but God is really busy taking care of my friends' moms and dads right now, so I hope you can help me...

Please, Santa, can you make people not so mad about the election and the economy so they don't spew chunky on their blogs? Some of them are so smart, but it's difficult to hear what they're saying when they yell so loudly.
It makes me very sad that so many people are angry.
Sharing information is a really good thing, because an informed public is a wise public.
But, sharing acid anger helps no one. As violence begets more violence, anger only creates more anger.

Santa, I know it's their blog and they can put whatever they want on it, but friends should never discuss politics or religion. And you should never watch your Mexican food being prepared.

Can you help me, Santa?
There's already more anger and sadness in the world than I can bear.
I need a safe, happy place to be.



tammi said...

Ahhh darlin', I hate to see you so sad, and I am sorry if my burst contribute to that.

How 'bout I just send you a note when NOT to read me?

Cause the next few months are just gonna suck in regards to keeping us from "spewing".

The good news is, it's not NEARLY as covered as it was 4 years ago......

roses said...

Tammi: I know the next 30-some days will super suck, and then the next four years will still suck because one side will always hate the other... no matter how good or bad they handle the Office.

I can handle a rant or two, and I enjoy a good one now and then myself. I also can enjoy a good waterballoon fight, but I can't handle an unexpected smack upside the head. It simply pisses me off.

I just don't know where to go to find people who are happy when the news has been rotten and pumped through my headphones all day.

I'll go check my stockings hanging by the fireplace...

Anonymous said...

Sorry - me too. I'm new though so you probably won't miss me :)

roses said...

Carmen: Not miss you?!? Who else is gonna tell me how many Fiber One bars I'm allowed to eat?

tammi said...

Well, and I'll tel you Roses...she's a funny girl. Seriously. You two, in the same room...would be more fun than you realize!

Hmmmm may need to make that happen at some point......

Bou said...

Yeah, you won't want to read me the next 30 days either. It will be intermittent and I blog what I feel.

Over the next four years? What is done is done and no matter who wins, I probably won't blog it.

I only blog about politics on Election years. (This is my fifth year blogging.)

Or when this crap is seriously effecting my life... which it is.

So feel free to pull me off the blog roll for the next 30 days. I'm not in a happy place.

Although that could change tomorrow... depending on the boys and the goofs with whom I work.

Oddybobo said...

I am informed, more so than many people I know. I'm also intelligent and very opinionated. You should probably not read me for a while either . . . not that you still do. Just saying.

roses said...

Bou and Oddybobo: (OddyBouBou?) Thanks for the heads up.