Friday, October 17, 2008

Are you funnier than... the IT guys?

Oh, now you *know* you can be funnier than the computer geeks at work!
If not, can you guess how this conversation went?


It seemed everything was going wrong. No sooner could they fix one computer than the next would crash. Bob and Jay spent most of the day rebooting computers.
Jay was putting the finishing touches on my computer when Bob walked in with a status report.

"It's coming up now," he told Jay.
And Jay asked...

What did Jay ask?
(His actual question is now posted in the comments.)


Anonymous said...

I sooooo suck at these.


vw bug said...

I had a comment and then I read Carmen's... I laughed so hard... I couldn't remember what I was going to say. But I believe it was something like:

Is it long and hard too?

or was it...

Do you need a few minutes more to 'finish off the job'?

Priscilla said...

'Do you need a little privacy?'

Because really, this has to be a little dirty.

tammi said...

Carmen? You're better at these than I am.

Hell, I've been clickin' over here all afternoon waitin' for y'all to say SOMETHING.

For cryin' out loud...we unfunny people depend on you guys!!!

Richmond said...

I am drawing a blank. Guess my funny bone isn't working today...

Roses said...

It's nothing naughty.
Not even geeky.
Now that I think about it, might not be all that funny either.

Keep trying.

Roses said...

Jay asked, "What's coming up? Your lunch?"

And they both thought that was hi-larious!

Congratulations to both vwbug and Priscilla for being funnier (and naughtier) than IT guys!

Anonymous said...

oh geez. ;)