Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dreaded Tuesday

I woke up this morning thoroughly disappointed that is it only Tuesday.
Dragged myself around, got ready for work, ran some errands on the way.

As I pulled into the bank parking lot, I saw a woman walking in the front door.
She was wearing a gorgeous black suit with a form-fitting skirt, black stockings, and heels.
Her red sweater and white pearls were a lovely accent. And her hair looked great!

And then there was me.
In my polyester navy pantsuit and "comfortable" navy shoes.
My hair was still wet and mousy after my morning post-walk shower.
I thought to myself that if we were both showing up at the same job interview, there was no way in hell I'd hire me.

I felt like such a boy.

I will never wear this suit again.
It's going to Goodwill tomorrow.


DogsDontPurr said...

I know this feeling. Ack. But I turn the tables sometimes. I live near a tiny hoity~toity restaurant that caters to the super upper class business crowd. It gives me great pleasure to walk past them wearing my sweatshirt and flip flops (on my way to the beach) as all these uptight people in business suits and expensive ensembles are waiting for their tables. I'm the same age as these people, but I'm self employed and don't have to endure the snootiness that comes with their crowd. Thumbing the nose at the upper crust is sometimes a really good thing.

Bou said...

I own that feeling. And I can be dressed to the nines and still... feel goofy or boyish or something.

Roses said...

Bou, you and I will sit here and watch DogsDontPurr walk to the beach.


DogsDontPurr said...

Oh you sillies! Don your flip flops and sweatshirts.... and be PROUD!

I live in Los Angeles. The competition is tough when it comes to dressing. So don't think I have it easy just because I live close to the beach!

Have you seen the girls out here? Size minus zero!! And they walk in 7 inch heels. Oy!

I'm just lucky that I don't have to/don't want to play that game.

Thumper said...

It's all relative. If I had been there, you would have felt stunning. Chances are, I would have been in my jeans and oversized sweatshirt...and honestly not giving a chit what anyone thought about it. Life's too short to spend it in front of a mirror to look Just Right.

tammi said...

I read this the other night and HATE that you felt that way. I've been feeling that for the past 4 years, and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

BUT...I've met you.

You. Are. Lovely.

Lovely, animated, delightful.......

And I don't say that to just anyone......

Roses said...

Tammi: See, that means a lot to me, because you've always seen me in the sweatshirt and jeans.

Clearly, that is what I need to wear to work.

Tammi said...

Roses? One thing I know for sure...it's not ALL about what you wear. But it IS about how you wear it...