Friday, September 26, 2008

Are you funnier than... Roses!

You guess how this conversation ended!
(I bet you can!)
See if you can be funnier than me!
(I'm sure you can!)


We'd been waiting all summer for the fruit on our new pear trees to ripen. They'd been turning yellow at a very slow rate. Finally, the husband looked out the window and remarked, "I think some pears fell off the tree!"
"I'll go look," I offered.
As I put on my shoes, the husband said, "I'm not sure they're pears. They might be mushrooms. Or, it might be both. In any case, leave the mushrooms."
And I replied:

What did I say?


And I replied, "Take the cannoli."
(I've never seen an entire Godfather movie, but I have seen this much.)

No one guested correctly, however, Leeann *was* much funnier than me.

Thank you for playing!
Come back Friday at 8am for another one!


LeeAnn said...

" like a nice pear but you want me to leave the 'room?"

sorry, it's pre-coffee here.

Anonymous said...

OT- I don't have a pear tree, but I was under the distinct impression that pears ripen to a better state if they're picked early, and allowed to ripen on the table... That said, I've never picked a pear in my life...

tammi said...

But what about a pickeled pepper?

(sorry couldn't resist)

I got nothin' on the pear.....

roses said...

leeann: "Leave the 'room!" That's good!
It's not what *I* said, but I think it *is* funnier!... even pre-coffee.

anonymous: We tried to pick a few early, but were disappointed. So, we waited.

tammi: Hm... maybe if you watch some older movies you'll find inspiration... (was that a hint?)

LeeAnn said...

Yay me!
And I am ashamed to say I have never seen all of any of the Godfather movies, because I get fidgetty waiting for the next murder and wander off to see if there's a new LOLcats.
I lack the culture gene.