Monday, July 21, 2008

You are about to feel really old.

We recently traded one of our minivans for a small car.
The 11-year-old loves the new vehicle because he's never been able to open and close his own window before. He's always been in a minivan with the worthless, mini-crack windows in the back.

Over the weekend, he rode with me to pick up one of his buddies.
As his buddy climbed into the car, he spied the 11-year-old leaning out the back window.
"Hey, can I open my window, too?" he asked.
The 11-year-old answered, "Sure!"
"How? Do I push this button?"
"No, that's the lock. You do this..." and he gave the handle a crank.
"Oh! Cool!"

I listened to this and gave the buddy a glance in the rear-view mirror.
"I take it you've never been in a car with crank windows before?"

More than a decade of life, and neither boy had ever had to do more than press a button to open a car window.


My friends, Beloit College releases its “Mindset List” every August. Since 1998, this list has been created to help professors understand what 18-year-old freshmen know — and what they don’t have a clue about.
Here is last year's list.
(Note number 4.)

Have a nice day.


tammi said...

OUCH! That one hurt.....

Richmond said...

Oh crap...

Contagion said...

Wait... you used to have to roll down windows????