Monday, July 14, 2008

Celebrity Pimp My Ride

I am a shy person, really.
One of the reasons I wanted to work in radio, as opposed to television or movies, is the anonymity. I could still go shopping without people knowing who I am, you see.
I still like the "Oh, it's you!" factor. Just a little bit.
Okay? I do.
Otherwise I'd be a receptionist.


Today, I had to take my car to a fix-it shop. My regular mechanic couldn't fix what was wrong, so he gave me this other garage's phone number. When I walked in, Sue, the sweetest lady in the world, greeted me and took down my information. She told me they'd been closed for three weeks because of flooding. They'd finally gotten electricity, their bays were still holding water, and they were waiting for "the city" to come by and give them the okay to officially open.
"But, we can take your car and look at it. And if the city says it's okay for us to open, we'll fix it today."

Meanwhile, their stereo was blaring my radio station. It echoed throughout the building. And as this nice woman wrote down my info, I watched the time tick away on the wall clock that had my station's logo on it.
It was almost like walking into a shrine.
This was going to be interesting.

"And your name?" she asked.
I told her my last name... which is a pretty common one in this area. No reaction.
"Uh huh, and your first name?"
"Roses! From the radio!"
I pointed at the speakers in the ceiling. "I figured you'd recognize my name."
"I have to tell you," she gushed, "you have the most wonderful laugh! We listen to you all the time! Joey! Joey, c'mere! Guess who this is! It's Roses!"
"Aw, you didn't even let him guess."
Joey gestured to Sue and said to me, "She gets all weird around celebrities."
"That's okay," I replied. "I get all weird around everyone."
Which they both thought was insanely funny.

But, you know what?
She was sweet to me before she knew who I was. She made me feel welcome, and I felt she was really happy to see me.
I was infinitely pleased to be the first person to give them money after three weeks of no business. I will certainly call them again.


Richmond said...

awwwwwww... That so cool! : )

tammi said...

You *DO* have a wonderful laugh. And this is a GREAT story! VERY cool....