Friday, June 13, 2008

Kiss and Makeup

I am having makeup issues.
After watching me struggle with the eyeliner and mascara, the husband has the nerve to ask, "Did you do your left eye yet? It looks smaller."

icy silence

"My left eye has always been smaller. It's my evil eye!"
And I show him.


Priscilla said...

After a particularly stupid comment by my son about his girlfriends makeup. He woke up one morning. With pink cheeks, blue eyeshadow and sparkles.

He was very pretty.

And mad.

Bob said...

That's odd. I thought the evil eye was the big one.

Roses said...

Bob: C'mere. Lemmee show ya.

She's So There... said...

I have helpful commentors too! lol I sell Mary Kay as one of my many if you wanna play sometime, go do the makeover for free online, its kinda fun. I personally love the new colors of the mineral eyes...
Glad you came by and I hope you will come back! I'll catch up on you and enjoy knowing you!