Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Why Pay More?"

Taco Bell has a giant poster in the window.
It has a huge 79, a cent sign, and the words, "Why pay more?"
I think, "Cool! Food for less than a dollar. Why should I pay more?"

But, in the next window at the same Taco Bell, is another poster.
This one has a giant 89, a cent sign, and the words, "Why pay more?"
I am confused. They already told me I shouldn't have to pay more than 79 cents. What gives?

As I am still wondering why I should pay more (you know, because they asked me why I should), I see the third poster.
It has a 99.
And it still asks me, "Why pay more?"

I figure they're messing with me, so I drive away.


Priscilla said...

Once, I drove up to Taco Bell, I think it was Taco Bell, or Del Taco, whatever, because they had 3 for a dollar taco Tuesday. It was, no kidding, 5 minutes before 5. Maybe less. They say, 'Our computers wont let us charge you that until 5' I wait. She says 'no, you can't wait, you have to get out of line and let the next person through'

This is where I cannot hear what you're saying over the intercom for the next 4 minutes.

She's not big enough to scare me.

Or my 3 6'1, 200 lbs sons.

Thumper said...

Now it's time to go mess with Taco Bell. Go up to the counter, order the 99 cent thingy, and refuse to pay more than 79 cents. And then point to the sign that says "Why pay more?" 'Cause really, why should anyone pay more than 79 cents for anything at the Bell???