Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Where do you get all fat?"

When I was a child, I rode the bus to and from school.
It always seemed full by the time I boarded, so I had to sit next to whoever would let me slide in.
Being a shy child, this was a horrific experience.

After school one day, my neighbor and I climbed aboard. There was an older girl slumped down in a seat alone working on her homework. I stopped in the aisle next to her.
She looked up.
I, very shyly, motioned to the empty space next to her.

"Where do you get all fat?" she asked.
I blinked. "What?"
"Where do you get all fat?" she asked again.

I was baffled. For one, I wasn't fat.
For two, if anyone was fat, it was her, not me.
For three... what? What does it matter if I'm fat or where it came from? I need to sit down!

Finally, I shrugged and moved to find another seat.
But suddenly, my neighbor blurted out to the girl, "She gets off before you do!"
"Oh," said the girl. And she gathered up her things and slid over. Then she told me, "I just wanted to know if you needed the aisle or window."

Not, where I get all fat.
Where I get off at.

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Richmond said...

Hahahahaha!~~~ :)