Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Best. April Fool's Joke. Ever.

One year ago today, my family and I were heading for DisneyWorld.
We boarded our plane and settled in next to another family of four.

The mom of their family told me about their morning:

Long before dawn, she and her husband rolled their young teen son and daughter out of bed.
"We have a surprise for you!" they announced. "Pack an overnight bag and meet us at the car."
Though suspicious and groggy, the kids obeyed.

"Where are we going?" the son asked. "How long are we going to be gone?"
"It's a surprise," said Dad mysteriously.
"You know it's April Fool's day," the daughter announced to the car in general.
"Is it?" replied Mom smirking.

When they pulled into McDonald's for breakfast, both parents shouted, "Surprise!"
"You got us up early for this?"

They all chuckled over their McMuffins, piled back into the car, and drove away. The kids curled up in their seats and dreamed of crawling back into bed.

Only, they didn't drive home.
They drove to the airport.

No matter how many times the parents explained that they were all going to Orlando for a couple days, the kids believed it was just a big joke.
Until they actually got on the plane.


I told the mom she and her husband were awesome, and I hoped to someday mess with my own children so successfully.


tammi said...

LOVE it!!!!!

Nicole said...

I hate when people play jokes on me, but wouldn't mind that one. VERY cool.

Richmond said...

That's awesome! :)