Thursday, March 20, 2008

Show of hands, please

Who all enjoyed a lovely breakfast of a cheese omelette prepared by their 10-year-old?

::raises hand::

I love spring break.

**Friday Update**

He made french toast today.


Priscilla said...

And it was edible?! Good job mom!

A 10 year old capable of preparing an omelet has a mother that teaches her sons well.

Elisson said...

Brave, that - eating an omelette prepared by a ten-year-old.

But that's the only way they learn. Part of the fun of being a Mommy or Daddy.

We're still trying to teach the Mistress of Sarcasm to cook...and she's 25.

Tink said...

Not me, but the Princess spent the night Tuesday so yesterday I fixed her vegetarian sausage, green eggs and green tea. :)

Mrs. Who said...

I love it when the kids learn to cook...and it's a 'life skill'.

Roses said...

Priscilla: Oh, that's a good dad that taught him. I still can't make an omelette.

Elisson: And he volunteered to do it... last night! "Wake me up early," he said. Thought he was either talking in his sleep or I was dreaming.

Tink: So long as the eggs were green on purpose!

Mrs. Who: Meanwhile, the 13-year-old sulked around the house asking, "Does he have to make mine?" To which I answered, "No, you're welcome to make your own omelette." Funny. He was content to eat his little brother's creation.