Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pizza Logic

Took the boys to Chuck-E-Cheese's yesterday.
We offered to buy them lunch and a set amount of tokens to play games with. If they wanted to keep playing games and earning tickets after our tokens were gone, they were welcome to take their own money.
They loaded their pockets with quarters.

*We* had a coupon.
Actually, we had a couple of coupons.
This series of coupons gave you more tokens (and supposedly more savings) the more you spent.

The husband took a moment to point something out to the boys.
One coupon offered pizza, sodas and 30 tokens for $19.99.
The next coupon offered the same pizza and sodas plus 50 tokens for $24.99.

Twenty extra tokens for five extra dollars.

One boy remarked, "That's a quarter per token! Tokens cost a quarter."

"Right," said the husband. "So, we're really not saving anything more by using this coupon."

The other boy was silent for a moment, then carefully said, "But, if we use this coupon, you'll be buying us extra tokens."

He's a shrewd one.
Clark Howard would be so impressed...

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Jessie said...

Oh, god. It's so funny to see Clark Howard referenced outside Atlanta still. He's on our news...a lot. ABC, in fact. But your little boy was smart as all get out. Smart fellow. Better to spend other people's money instead of your own.