Saturday, February 16, 2008

Groggy Morning Conversation

The husband likes to try to get me to talk after I've fallen asleep. He thinks it's a hoot to hear what I say. Apparently, my humor generator runs even when I'm unconscious...

Me: I was half-asleep when you came to bed last night. Did I make some crack about the cat being smarter than you?

He: Yes, you did.

Me: Was it at least funny?

He: It was very funny... to the cat.


LeeAnn said...

We run a variation on that round here. I don't hear entirely most things he says, so I get bizarre mental movies from the most benign statements:
He: "You want me to save you this muffin?"
My Ears Heard: "You want me to shave this puffin?"
My Mind Sez:"Oooh! Naked birdlike thing."
Me: "Sure, that would be a neat thing to see."
He: "Okay... what did you hear THIS time?"

HapKiDo said...

Cats have a twisted sense of humor. I wouldn't entirely believe them. :-P

Roses said...

leeann: I hear you. Really.

hapkido: Thbbbt!