Monday, October 29, 2007

Not too late to be a walking buddy!

After six weeks, I'm still walking a mile every morning. (Except for weekends... puhlease, I'm not a zealot.) Somewhere along the way, the 10-year-old mentioned that I needed to use hand-weights, so I told him to hand me some bottled water. Good suggestion, that was; I feel like I'm getting more of a workout.
My neck hardly ever pops anymore, never crackles, and only aches when I'm stressed. I sleep better, and I have more energy to get things done if/when I have the free time.
I really needed to do this.

Also along the line, I found out my neighbor lady is using her NordicTrac about the same time I'm on my treadmill. And a co-worker dusted off her elliptical and started using it again. So, now we all have walking buddies!

Wanna join in?
Doesn't matter when or where you work out. You can imagine the three of us sweating along with you.

And we'll miss you if you don't show. :(


Lukie said...

I always feel better with a little exercise but it is so hard to get off my couch. Several years ago I did kickboxing and I had not felt that good since high school.... But I burnt myself out going every other day.

Lemon Stand said...

OOOOOOhhhh, Me, Me, Me!!!! Do we have to post it, email each other or just be on the honor system? :o)

Roses said...

Lemon Stand: Honor system, definitely! Just knowing you're on board is good for me! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!
(You'll be walking tomorrow, right?)

Mrs. Who said...

I'm getting a treadmill this weekend and then I'll start too!

Roses said...

Mrs. Who: Woo hoo! Or should I say... Woo Who!

Lukie: So, are you in or out?