Friday, October 26, 2007

Corporate Rambo

When the husband comes home from work, he empties his pockets into a small basket on his night table.
So, in the morning, as he gets dressed for work, he stands next to the bed and loads his pockets back up.

This morning, I peered bleary-eyed from my pillow and watched as he:
- tucked his wallet into his back pocket
- strapped on his watch
- slid a pen into his breast pocket
- dropped his keyring into a pants pocket
- clipped a cell phone to his belt
- secured his company ID tag to his waistband

"Watching you gather all your gear is like watching that scene in Rambo when he straps on all his weapons," I observed.
The husband puffed out his chest. "I am... Corporate Rambo!"

Yeah, you are.
I'd like to see you try to blow something up with your Frankenwatch.


Richmond said...

Hehehheheeee! Mine does the same - only I have strategically placed bowls all around the house to catch his stuff.

And he's more like inspector gadget... ;)

Rave said...

heh. Mine, too. Although he stands at his desk, which btw, is in our bedroom.

And mine would be what would happen if Inspector Gadget and Inspector Clouseau were one person.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was thinking it kinda sounded like me.



C-Man said...

thank God there is no conversation about pocket

Mrs. Who said...

How un-PC...clipping his ID on his waist. That means women have to look his, err, pride.

Lukie said...

My hubby loads himself down every morning too. I have no idea how he can be comfortable with all that junk in his pants pockets.

Tink said...

I watch Pan doing the same and I'm with Lukie, how in the world can they ever be comfortable.