Tuesday, October 02, 2007

C'mon, it's not brain surgery!

This poor 67 year old woman was left in a CT scanner for hours, and when she finally managed to crawl out, she found the clinic was closed and locked up for the night.

Makes me feel bad for getting mad when a nurse stuck a thermometer in my mouth and left "for just a minute". After 15 minutes, I stuck my head out of the exam room and asked a passing nurse when the other one was coming back.
She had gone home for the day.

Got a story?
Share, please?


Teresa said...

OMG!!! How do you leave a person in a CT scanner!!!!! How? She better at least get the scan for free.

Oh yeah, and you have good cause to be angry about something like the thermometer thing. That's ridiculous. For that matter, I'd seriously consider changing doctors over something like that. If you can't have confidence in the staff for little things - how can you be sure they're doing the big things right? After all, if you have to have a shot - wouldn't you be afraid they'd pick up the wrong medicine???? I would! I'd be asking them to show me the vial so I could see the name and everything. Sheesh!

Lemon Stand said...

Wow! That is too outlandish to wrap my brain around today! I don't have any stories that are that bad but I did argue with the nurse during the labor with my first child. I had been given a bed, checked to see how far along I was and 15 minutes later I tried to tell the nurse that it was time. She didn't even bother to check. Said it was my first child and we would be there a while. She didn't take me seriously until I started to push. DD#1 was born 3 minutes later. :o)

Anonymous said...

Well, just last week the blood clinic made Mama Vi come back not once, not twice but THREE times because some idiot kept taking the cap off of the vial of blood - which was clearly marked NOT too.

Let's just say she was much more understanding than I was.....


wRitErsbLock said...

When I was 19 and visiting the free clinic for girly needs, the nurse practitioner or doctor or whomever left me alone to go check on another girl (who was younger than me and just had a positive preg test). I could see through the slightly ajar door as the girl freaked out and cried, and the NP consoled. And forgot all about me. After about 20 minutes, I went in search of her. She was very apologetic.