Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter #7 FAKE SPOILER!

**Fake Spoiler**
(If you don't want to know how it doesn't end, stop reading now!)

Have you run into someone who smugly "knows" how it ends even though they didn't read The Deathly Hallows?
Either someone told them, or they saw something on the internet?

Throw this fake ending at them, and when they say that's not what they heard, then reply, "Oh, well, you really should have read the book..."

Here's my fake ending:

We all know Harry and Voldemort have a connection through Harry's scar, but we never knew just how powerful it was until the final duel.
So strong was their connection, that not only were they both destroyed when they cursed each other, but the ripple was felt throughout the wizarding world. Every person with any magical blood in them was destroyed along with Harry and Voldemort.
Only Hermione and the Creavy brothers survived.

And that's why we never see any witches or wizards.
And that's why magic is only tricks.

(Be sure to express how you never saw that ending coming and how sad you are that so many people died. Heh heh.)

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Roses said...

Very funny, Writersblock!