Monday, July 23, 2007

14 vs. 16

One gal is 14 years old.
The other is 16.

One gal washes the dishes.
The other keeps my change when I leave money for ice cream cones.

One gal asks if she should let the boys watch TV for more than an hour.
The other spends most of the day chatting with friends on her cell phone.

One gal is waiting in her driveway when I pick her up ready for another day on the job.
The other greets me with a surly, "This is gonna be one. long. day!"

One gal makes me feel sure my kids will be well cared for.
The other makes me feel guilty for asking for her help.

One gal is 14 and acts more mature than a 16 year old.
The other won't be my chaperone again.


Contagion said...

I'd be happy if I could find a sitter. Most of the kids we know don't want to babysit or are too young.

Roses said...

Contagion: I hear you. If I had the energy, I'd direct you to my earlier posts about hunting down new sitters every summer. ;-)

Harvey said...

Let's just hope it's a matter of who they are, and not just the two years that're making the difference :-)

Teresa said...

I'm sure it's a personality thing. The 16 year old may just be going through one of those trying phases that teens go through... or she could be someone who will never be happy with anything - ever. In any case - the 14 yo sounds like a pleasure to have around.

Mrs. Who said...

My 16 and 17 year olds could learn a thing or two from that 14 year old girl. Give that girl a raise...or at least access to the Twinkies.