Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Somedays, they simply fill my heart

When they were younger, the boys saw something on TV that prompted them to ask if they had ever done anything to break my heart.
Without pause, I replied, "Yup, every day."
You should have seen their shocked little faces. But I explained, "Every day you fill my heart with so much love, it just breaks open."


Last Friday, just one week into summer vacation, I came home to find both boys draped across the livingroom furniture... moping.
"Today was awful! We didn't do anything but play on the computer and watch TV!"
Oh. Poor you.
"Well," I declared, "let's go do something. Either of you wanna go for a walk with me?"
"Dunno. Around the block?"
"Sure!" they both agreed.
"Or, would you rather ride bikes?"
"Nah. Let's walk so we can chat."

So we can chat?
With Mom?!?

Did you hear that?
That was the sound of my heart filling full and busting open.


Tomorrow, I get a once in a blue moon half day off work.
I asked the boys what they want to do.
"Let's go do... something," one of them suggested.
"Okay. Do you want to go get ice cream?"
"Should we go out to eat?"
Then the younger turned to the elder and said, "Hey, do you wanna go for another walk?"
"Yeah! Let's do that so we can chat!"

Are you kidding me?
At ages 10 and 12, they just wanna hang with Mom?

Do you hear that?


Jessie said...

That? Is awesome. You're very lucky to have some precious children who love their mom lots.

Roses said...

Jessie: If I think about it hard enough, I'm sure it really has something to do with the fact that if we stay home, I'll find things for them to do... like clean their rooms or help me with yard work...

So, I just won't think that hard about it. ;-)

Jessie said...

*laugh* Probably, but still, they coulda said something like the arcade (oh, woe I don't remember if arcades are still popular). So they at least wanna walk with mom and not make your eyes bleed from all the lights. *nods sagely*

chlorinejenny said...

My son is a little guy still, and he likes to hold my hand as he goes to sleep. Tonight he kissed all of my fingers and told me I smelt like flowers. I know what it feels like to have your heart crack wide open too!

vw bug said...

Wonderful. That is great. No matter what the reason. ;-)

Richmond said...

Holy cow - that's awesome!

Mrs. Who said...

Oh so sweet. *sighs enviously*