Friday, June 15, 2007

A Better Summer Than Most

I was apprehensive about this summer.
I worried myself into physical pain over it.

But I'm feeling much better now.

It's been brought to my attention that my kids are pretty decent.
And except for the occasional tussle, they could take care of themselves.

But mostly, I am very happy with the chaperone we found this year.

First of all, the boys like her.
"Yeah! She's nice!"

Second, she's organized.
She's already found a friend who will step in when she is on vacation!

Third, she cleans up after lunch.
Which isn't a big deal unless you realize that last year's chaperone liked to leave the bologna and cheese sitting out on the table all afternoon. Mmmm... warm milk!


Finally, unlike us busy tired parents, she's really cool about playing board games that take days to finish playing, like Risk and Monopoly... and their favorite, HeroScape.
And she doesn't mind taking the boys to the library to play Runescape on their computers.
(I refuse to download the Java programs needed to run it on our home computer because I know they'll hog up my computer time if I do.)
"Does she play, too?"
"No, she sits and reads a book until our time is up."

So, this year is good.

I'm feeling much better now.


Richmond said...

Whew!! Good! SHe sounds like a keeper. :-)

chlorinejenny said...

Jackpot! I can't believe she cleans up after their lunch! Good going!

chlorinejenny said...

OK. All the stuff I just wrote was code for: How many days until the boyfriends start coming by, and stuff starts to go missing around the house!

I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

Mrs. Who said...

Sounds like she deserves a raise! But I know that's a load off a Mama's already overly full load.

Maranda Rites said...

She cooks, cleans up and plays games with the kids - can I have her!?!

Roses said...

Richmond: Indeed! At least I can keep her for this year... and then she'll leave us for a much better job... just like the rest.

Maranda: You can have her next summer. :)

Mrs. Who: I know. After the second day, I was already calculating an end of season bonus.

Jenny: Alas for her, my boys blab about everything. That's how I found out she was also making their sandwiches for them... lazy butts.