Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rap "Music"

I don't want to offend any hard-core rap music fans... mostly because I'm afraid of them... so please turn away.

One summer decades ago when rap was fresh and new, I had an argument with a fellow camp counselor about the amount (read: lack) of talent it took to become a rap singer.

I argued that anyone who could rhyme could rap.
He vehemently disagreed.
A few other counselors got into the discussion, most all agreed with me.

The rap-fan counselor finally became SO upset, and was SO determined to change our minds that he declared in a huff, "I'll prove to you that rap music takes talent. I'm gonna write my own rap song and perform it at the camp talent show!"


Isn't that, like, proving that any Joe off the street can do rap?
I mean, if you can do it?
In less than a week?

Aren't you proving my point?
Just sayin'...

(To his credit, he brought the house down at the talent show.)

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Anonymous said...

i don't understand some of the rap music these days. i like the old rap to be honeset.